Become an NCHA Member



The North Carolina Horseshoers Association is open to all enthusiasts of farriery and those who want to help define the standards of ethics and improve the quality of craftsmanship within the industry.

Farriers, blacksmiths, horse professionals, horse owners, and vendors join NCHA for a variety of reasons:

  • Network with other industry professionals
  • Increase knowledge and skill in trimming and shoeing techniques
  • Consult with peers to discuss common issues in daily practice
  • Receive monthly newsletters containing educational information, event opportunities, case studies, and member discounts
  • Gain exposure with a Farrier Finder listing

How to Join

You may join NCHA by filling out the membership application and mailing it with the membership fee. Cost is $30 per year or $120 for five years. You also can attend any of the clinics that are offered and ask to become a member there. If you have questions about membership, please feel free to reach out to NCHA.

Download Membership Application  & mail.